Creating Product design and Supply Chain alignment

How product design influences Supply Chain

Product design can have significant influence on Supply Chain efficiency. Before we jump into how you can align product design with your Supply Chain, you can quickly overview some key impacts product design can have on Supply Chain in this article:

Inventory Management Process : An Overview

How to align Product design with Supply Chains

Get the teams together- physically : To make sure that the transition from design to market is not only smooth but also optimal, it is critical that design and Supply Chain teams are co-located physically. If locating them physically is not feasible, then consistent and regular virtual co-location is a must. This allows information and idea exchange in real time or on a regular basis, thereby ensuring that Supply Chain teams provide their perspectives to product design.

Make your suppliers your strategic partners: Make sure that the impact of design decisions are very well understood by not only Supply Chain planning teams but also by your key suppliers. This close collaboration allows your organization and suppliers to jointly review and mitigate product design, risks and ensure a smooth product launch.

Create cross-functional team: New product design, development and introduction team should be cross-functional, involving members with Supply Chain expertise as well who can jointly contribute to the design process. These teams may involve members from strategic suppliers as well.

Create a focused role: Create a role which is focused exclusively on making sure that the close and productive collaboration between Supply Chain actually happens. This role will be responsible for ensuring that there is an alignment between product design and Supply Chain architecture.


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