For students in China and India: Let Supply Chain Analytics Blog pay your credential fees for MIT’s MicroMasters in SCM

Supply Chain Analytics Academy™ will be sponsoring five student from China and India this year (2019) on their journey towards obtaining MIT’s MicroMasters credential on edX.

We will pay the verified credential fee for all courses and the final exam for the selected students. The start term should be summer or fall 2019. The conditions to apply are the following:

(1) You should be currently enrolled in a Graduate Masters program and will not be graduating from the program before Summer 2020.

(2) There is no minimum gpa criteria however please provide a resume and a cover letter explaining why you believe obtaining this sponsorship will be beneficial for you, your career and the supply chain domain.

(3) You are currently NOT enrolled in MIT’s MicroMasters SCM program.

(4) You will have to maintain an A grade in every course in order to be eligible for sponsorship in subsequent courses

(5) You will not enroll  in any course before summer 2019 but you need to start the program by Winter 2020

(6) Once you start the program, you will have to complete the program within a period of 18 months. Any courses post this program will not be sponsored.

(7) We will be sponsoring only 5 candidates this year so apologies in advance for those who may not get shortlisted but we will be back next year with more sponsorships.

Please send your resume and cover letters on the email below.

Please note that this is not a job offer. Supply chain Analytics academy’s role is solely to pay the credential fees and does not intend to play any additional role in selected student’s career. My current employer is not affiliated in any way with this. This is a personal initiative to encourage students in emerging economies in Asia to pursue Supply Chain STEM careers.

Please contact me if you have any questions:


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