My contribution to National e-Governance policy of Government of India

Received this on April 30th in an email from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. Pleasantly surprised since I completely forgot about this.

Back in October 2018, when I had some down time between projects, I came across this section on the Digital India website, requesting ideation papers pertaining to e-Governance and e-Administration.

I was immersed neck deep in IoT and its applications in Logistics then and this concept came to my mind while doing a reading on leveraging IoT technology in warehouses for forklift traffic management. Taking a cue from that reading, I decided to submit a paper that was focused on applying IoT technology to manage the traffic bottlenecks in a smart city setting. Looks like some ideas from the paper will find their way into a national policy document of the fastest growing major economy of the world. I am sure they mailed out hundreds of these certificates but I am still feeling satisfied, being able to make my small contribution to helping India become a digital power.


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