Five must have skills to have a successful career as a Logistician

Logistics has been redefined in last few years, bringing it to the forefront within the broader Supply Chain umbrella and resulting in a new interpretation of how it influences Marketing and other functions, being influenced by them at the same time. Its role has evolved from a “function that manages flow of goods” to a more strategic, customer facing representation of the organization’s brand itself.

Communication skills: Logisticians need strong communication skills to collaborate with colleagues and do business with suppliers and customers.

Critical Thinking skills: Logisticians must develop, adjust, and carry out logistical plans. They often must find ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Organization skills: Logisticians must be able to perform several tasks at one time, keep detailed records, and simultaneously manage several projects in a fast paced environment.

Problem Solving skills: Logisticians must handle unforeseen issues, such as delivery problems, and adjust plans as needed to resolve those issues.

Empathy and Emotional Quotient: In the age of robotics and automation, Logisticians will have to leverage their relationship skills more than ever since majority of their remaining tasks will exist due to their “human skills”- that requires leveraging EQ and empathy.

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