Resurrecting potential of RFID across the Supply Chain

Leverage a mature technology before exploring the hype

Yes, new Digital tools and Technologies on the Horizon bring many promises. The hype for many of these emerging technologies is well deserved. However, before you embark on a mission to embrace an emerging technology, you need to introspect whether you have already leveraged some technologies that are mature, to their full potential in your Supply Chain ? One such technology is RFID.

My perspective is that RFID technology was never harnessed to its full potential. Rather than start looking at the next shiny thing on the horizon, you can actually leverage to bring your Supply Chain very close to your vision of the Supply Chain of the future. While this article does not intend to get into details of every bullet point indicated in the illustrations below, these illustrations should give you the perspective that RFID has immense potential and is available as a mature technology that you can leverage before you embark on acquiring the next wave of shiny things.

Area 1: International shipping, customs and Tariffs


Area 2: Inbound and outbound


Area 3: Inventory Management


Area 4: DC Operations


Area 5: Tracing and Traceability


Area 6: Store Operations


Across the Chain : The Summarized End to End View


Note that the illustrations above just indicate the applications. How you can leverage RFID technology to achieve these benefits will be shared in a series of subsequent articles.

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