What exactly was Ford Motors waiting for all these years ? : Personal Opinion

Ford F-150 has been the indisputable leader in the pickup trucks market and will remain so till electric trucks replace most of the Gasoline ones. And that is why Tesla very cleverly played a video marketing trick by doing an “unfair” comparison of F-150 with their Cybertruck in this now viral video.

F-150 vs Cybertruck

One of Ford’s senior executives then further brought this comparison to limelight by indicating that this comparison was not Apples to Apples since the F-150 used was a RWD and challenged Tesla for an Apples to Apples comparison.

I agree with the apples to oranges comparison aspect….You can see in the video that only the rear wheels of F-150 are “trying hard” so it definitely is a RWD F-150.

However, Ford Motors has a lot of introspection to do here:

First, this most recent mistake of falling into the trap laid out by Tesla, by challenging them….on Twitter ???

The best response for Ford would have been to ignore that video. No conventional, long time pickup owner is going to buy Cybertruck for a long time. Cybertruck will NEVER be a competition to a conventional, gasoline version F-150.

They have unnecessarily dignified a Marketing gimmick.


My concern regarding this challenge is the attention Tesla is getting from the indisputable leader in the pickup trucks segment. With this nervous response (worse than just ignoring that video, in my opinion), they have given a “disruptor” what it needs – more comparative Marketing.  If I were a seasoned pickup truck owner thinking about replacing my pickup a couple of years from now, and like most pickup truck owners considering a F-150, this MAY make me think – “Are these guys (Cybertruck) for real ? Should check it out.”

However, high probability is, none of these conventional “pickup truck” guys will ever buy a Cybertruck. In my perspective, the electric version is a product offering for the next generation of truck owners or the current generation (those who have bought their first pickup truck in last 2 years) at most.

Ford’s loyal F-150 base will anyways be loyal to them. They don’t care about vehicle being gas or electric. 


There may be reasons I may not be aware of but….

…..If I were Ford, I would have leveraged my rock solid brand to come up with an electric version much earlier (than 2022), thereby cementing in everyone’s mind what an electric truck should look like. Taking a cue from Tesla’s successful launch in 2013, I would have rolled out my electric versions by 2018…Tesla was revamping its stores by then, having matured its offerings.

That did not happen !

What was Ford motors waiting for all these years, ever since the trend was visible that electric will be the future?

AFTER Musk announced that an electric pickup is in works, the information was scoffed at by execs at Ford. One of Ford’s executives, Ted Cannis stated- “We’re going to play to our strengths. We’re good at pickups.”

Electric vehicles are completely different platforms so I am absolutely surprised that a senior executive can say that if Ford is good at making gas guzzling, Gasoline powered trucks, they will rock at making electric trucks. Well so was Kodak at making cameras, Sears at retailing, Compaq at PCs……the list is long.


Views strictly my own.

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