Filed my first Provisional Patent Application (PPA) for an Idea : Algorithm for Drone based Yard Management Solution

Finally went for it…!!!

I had this itch for years to file for an individual patent for an idea. So last week I filed for a Provisional Patent application (PPA) for a Smart Yard Management architecture that I had actually thought about back in July of this year.

The whole process of filing for a PPA is pretty simple…I was actually surprised by the simplicity of it. I hired a consultant as well to prepare the application packet but even after including the consultant fees and USPTO fees (which is $70 for PPA), the total cost was less than $500.


So what exactly is the idea about ?

The actual idea is very detailed but here are the high level capabilities :

The solution will be able to (high level features only….obviously can’t share all…otherwise what will be the point of patenting the idea πŸ˜‰ :

  • Track every inbound load that enters the Yard
  • Shares data in real time with a Warehouse dock logistics planning algorithm (This algorithm is NOT part of the patent) No details of this Algorithm has been provided in the patent. It has been included in the patent to illustrate interactions of the YM Algorithm with this particular Algorithm.
  • Determines the contents on the load based on IoT sensors
  • Assigns an optimal spot in the YardΒ  based on part, usage, order the part will be used in, optimal inbound unloading door etc.
  • Cameras provide input to the Algorithm on whether warehouse doors are occupied or not
  • A drone fleet will track that trailers are indeed dropped in designated spots (Facilitated by a Deep Learning CNN algorithm)
  • Algorithm has the capability to leverage drones to direct new drivers to the designated drop lot or door
  • Algorithm on the cloud interfaces with a local Drone Management Algorithm (DMA) via specifically designed APIs
  • In case of trailers that were not dropped in the right spots, Drones will capture the actual location and share with the YMS Deep Learning algorithm
  • In an advanced version, Drones can guide Self Driving Yard jockey trucks move trailers within the Yard
  • The central Yard Management algorithm will interface with a warehouse planning algorithm. The Warehouse algorithm will make calls for trailers based on available trailer inventory, trailer type requirements (specific type of trailer – ex: Reefers) and other parameters
  • Outbound loads and trailer consumption will be tracked by the Yard Management algorithm as well
  • IoT enabled sensors in the trailers will keep track of SKU level detail in the trailers (if loaded)
  • Live unload loads have also been incorporated in the solution

So now what ?

Well, it was just to satisfy an itch. However, a PPA does give me a “Patent Pending” status for a year. It also means that any solution developed AFTER 11/26, when this patent was filed, and incorporates a significant number of aspects mentioned above, without my consent, will be violation of intellectual property 😁😁😁


Well….this is obviously “My Own views” 😎



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