My Provisional Patents tracker…..list of all solution architectures with ” Patent Pending” status

Since I obtained a provisional patent for a Smart yard management solution during the week of Thanksgiving, it kind of became addictive. I have now obtained a total of three provisional patents so far and since I plan to add more, I will be using this article to list them as I obtain them. For the sake of full disclosure, provisional patent only gives a patent pending status, not actual patent. With the exception of the one received in November, all other dates are filing dates, not receipt date.

1. A Drone based, Convolutional Neural Network supported Smart Yard management algorithm. (11/21)

2. A solution architecture to automate establishment, monitoring and control of time standards in palletized warehouses. (Filed: 12/11)

3. A Neural networks based solution architecture for real time demand planning in an on demand apparel manufacturing setup. (Filed: 12/17)

4. A Technology platform for Electronics OEMs to manage reverse logistics via their retail and 3PL partners. (Filed: 12/17)

5. A platform agnostic solution for real time Manufacturing resource planning and Materials requirement planning in a discreet manufacturing environment. (Filed: 01/03).

6. An integrated environment of Fleet management system, Smart yard management system and Smart warehouse management system, in a CPG distribution environment. (Filed: 01/03)

7. An augmented reality and neural network enabled trailer load optimization process. (Filed: 01/10).

8. A Smart solution for minimizing returns for online apparel sales- Virtual changing room (Filed: 1/15)

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