The Key to a truly Agile organization in the new decade

We talk about impact of technology, computing, Big Data etc. etc. on Businesses in the coming decade. We also talk about how organizations will need to be adaptive to survive and thrive the 20s -That organizations will need to be agile to respond quickly to rapid changes happening around them.

But if you try looking for research on how organizations can and should be agile, most of the articles are around restructuring organizations and teams and all other jazz but in my opinion:

The fact is that the key to be a truly agile organization that can quickly sense trends around them and adjust aptly is to listen to those on the ground.

So if you have an organizational culture of weeding out people who speak their mind and highlight what is wrong, you will remain legacy organization like Boeings and GMCs of the world….Organizations that grew without the “connect” to a point where they are helplessly in a “fire fighting” mode and will probably remain in the same till the remainder of their existence.

And here is some humor…..😀

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