It is NOT the Algorithms that are driving the AI Wave

Every weekend I go book hunting, mostly to old book shops in flea or street markets. This book hunt is mostly related to non tech books since there is no point in reading tech, business or strategy related books from 80s or 90s 😀

But this past weekend I saw an interesting book that was tech related and I ended up buying it. The book in the picture below  is a collection of research papers from 1985. The title of the book is “Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing” 😀


I consistently emphasize that Artificial Intelligence algorithms are not an “emerging” aspect but have been around for decades. It is just that we now have the tech capacity to leverage them.

Note the opening paragraph of one of the papers in the picture above. If you exclude the last sentence, then the sentences below are similar to what you have been reading and hearing consistently since last few years:

“ AI has experienced a rapid growth in industrial applications during the past few years……..”

But then the last sentence explains why it was not feasible to leverage these methods then:

“ …..present systems are still very limited in their capability.”

So saying this for the 100th time, it is not the AI algorithm that is the most critical part of your AI journey. Developing an AI strategy, understanding what to apply where, what needs to be kept simple vs what needs “true” AI, what type of tech platforms are needed…are examples of some of the more critical aspects of your AI journey

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