Scaling your Manufacturing Analytics capabilities : A Suggested Path

Since I write about applications of Deep Learning in Manufacturing Analytics, Supply Chain executives often reach out to me  asking – “How soon can we develop the capability to leverage cognitive analytics methodologies like Deep Learning in our Manufacturing?  How should we start working towards developing the capability?”

And my answer always is – The first key step is to build a foundation that can provide you the capability to develop deep learning capabilities is to forget about leveraging Deep Learning capabilities.

Because let us admit it- the state of analytics in Manufacturing in a majority of companies is still in rudimentary stages. I can quote a percentage here from one of the many available surveys but I hope you get the point. And as I always insist, I do not believe in “Quantum jumps” in building true, internal Analytics capabilities.  So what that means is that even if you get an external partner to help you directly build Deep Learning capabilities, without having developed robust descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics capabilities, you will most likely not be able to sustain the capability in the long term.

So here is a suggested roadmap in terms of builsing the capabilities in your Manufacturing operations:



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