My next career move ? Should be bold and exciting.

Sometime later this month, it will be a year since I resigned from and quit my previous job. As I start dusting off my plans to get back into the workforce and pursue career opportunities, actively working on a video resume and conventional resume for LinkedIn and for my Blogsite, a key question that my family is asking me is: What is next ?

For me, a job is more than just a job. It is an opportunity for me to explore something new, to try something new, to create something that did not exist before. And the fact is…..

There was not a more exciting time to be in Supply Chain Analytics !

Analytics in Supply Chain has become old and hairy.

Think about all the “advanced” analytical methodologies that your organization leverages. They all will fit in two buckets – Simulation and Optimization.

And there is nothing wrong in that !

What is wrong is that we have been leveraging these tools exactly in the same way for decades. For same type of problems. With the exception of few companies that were brave enough to venture into developing their own customized solutions (Like UPS’s Orion), most organizations end up using the same standard optimization and simulation templates. And we end up being stuck with the same problems again…..and again….and again !

Evolve your thinking….before thinking about AI

And then organizations , drowning in the hype around Artificial “Intelligence”, believe that these tools will solve the problems Optimization and Simulation methods could not. But to be crude- organizations that could not change the way they are using conventional Simulation and optimization methods, despite the recent advances in tech, computing power and cloud platforms, will have the same struggle with any “true” AI solution as well.

And that is the exciting area….with unlimited opportunities

So that is the void that most companies are in currently: The field of Analytics has evolved rapidly. Other functions have been fast to adopt, with Supply Chain being a laggard.

The challenge has been the ability to identify where the opportunities are, how existing tools can be leveraged to create a foundation in those areas and then how do you develop true, sustainable AI capabilities in these areas.

The void is so large that the opportunities to fill it will last for years. If you think about this from a professional services provider perspective, it can be a goldmine. So I will definitely aim for large professional services companies that have the potential to convert some of my ideas into reality for their clients.

I am looking forward to the challenge as I start my opportunity hunt later this month. ————————————————————————————————————


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