Improving your Return on Assets (ROA) leveraging Supply Chain Analytics

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What role does analytics play to help your Supply Chain increase your organization’s Return on Investment ?

The key to a successful analytics initiative in my mind is to understand the wide and varying impact the initiative would make.

Ex: If you are going to embark on a Predictive maintenance journey, understand the importance of this lever beyond the algorithms and analytics methodology.

That…in my mind…is the genesis of successful analytics initiatives.

Here is a cheat sheet I created for someone who asked for my help to prepare a business case for an end to end Supply Chain analytics initiative.

Sharing it for the benefit of wider audience. This is not an exhaustive list. In fact, I have kept it to widely used solutions, not the ones that I believe can or should be leveraged .

The cheat sheet should not be used plainly as a reference. Try using the approach to “train” your mindset to develop the capability of being able to see both the forest and the trees – traversing from strategy to financial goals to all the way down to analytical levers/approaches.

That is how true analytics leaders of the digital age need to think.


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