Smart Supply Chain blog and Digital Supply Chain TV will now be entities under the umbrella “Smart Supply Chains LLC”

Over the years, my “babies” have grown, in terms of volume of content and size of audience. So to get organized with them, I decided to file for a LLC on 9/30/20 to put them under one umbrella…..

…and registered the name “Smart Supply Chains LLC” šŸ™‚

So both my written and video blog, and the “Supply Chain Data Science group” will now be part of the Smart Supply Chains LLC umbrella….but the content will still be free. šŸ‘ The LinkedIn group “Supply Chain Data Science” will be affiliated with “Smart Supply Chains LLC” as well.

Again, to reiterate, all the content is free….Just some housekeeping stuff for now šŸ˜

Whether or not “Smart Supply Chains LLC’ will evolve into something more is still undecided. But that “evolution” will NEVER involve charging a fees for both my written and video blog. That is as assurance. šŸ‘


Supply Chain Data Science group :

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