Reviewing your Supply Chain Post Covid19: A Comprehensive Framework

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Recover, Review and Redesign

In my opinion, Supply Chains all over the world will go through three key stages post the pandemic. Those three stages will be:

Recover: This is the phase where haywire Supply chains will work on getting back on track, to their pre-Covid status. Since organizations will feel the impact of this pandemic for months or maybe years, the recovery phase will also stretch for these durations. At some point, the review and recovery phase will be running simultaneously.

Review: The review phase, that should start once Supply Chains start getting back on track, will essentially analyze the end to end Supply Chain to determine what aspects of the end to end Supply Chain contributed to the failure during the disruption. This phase is the focus of this document.

Redesign: This is the phase where the learnings from the Review phase will be applied to design a resilient Supply Chain. The review phase will also identify other aspects that need to be modified. This phase will essentially formulate the redesign aspects and redesign planning.

Review: Leveraging a Comprehensive framework

Experienced professionals know that Supply Chains have many facets. If you were to categorize the array of activities and aspects of a Supply Chain into categories, Supply Chains have the following three dimensions:

  • Business Dimension
  • Technical Dimension
  • Leadership Dimension

Please download the following document for the comprehensive framework.


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