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Advanced in Technology are impacting Supply Chains profoundly and this impact will keep growing exponentially. In this blog, I explore topics that you will not find on any other blog. I will not share cliche Supply Chain theories and principles that have been shared hundreds of times on other blogs and publications.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by !!! Streamlining and optimizing Supply Chains is my passion and I have enjoyed working in this domain for almost a decade now.

Back in late 2000s,  when there was an IT Boom in India and graduates from every stream were trying to get into IT, I quit my lucrative job in systems consulting to pursue a specialized Masters program in Supply Chain Management in US. For many in family and at work, this decision did not make sense. But I was as passionate about Supply Chain back then as I am now (maybe I am a bit more passionate now!).

Working in the Supply Chain domain for me is not a job, it is a career choice that I wanted and this very fact allows me to enjoy what I do.

In my more than 12 years of Supply Chain career, I have executed nearly 50+ strategic Supply Chain strategy, analytics, optimization and process re engineering projects but I still consider myself a student and continuously invest in educating myself in topics pertaining to Supply Chain Analytics.

I love to write about leveraging Analytics within Supply Chain domain . While I publish topics pertaining to strategic aspects of Supply Chain on LinkedIn, my blog posts here are more granular.

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